Ongoing religious revitalization throughout former Soviet boc

Ongoing religious revitalization throughout the former Soviet boc

This site, “The Mendeleyev Journal” seeks to give international readers updates into “Life, art, culture, language and music in Russia” and is beautifully put together and professionally maintained. I highly recommend it!

The specific article I wish to share here comments on the explosion in young people’s interest in rediscovering their Orthodox faith in not only Russia but throughout the former Soviet bloc, especially in the Ukraine, Belarus, and Georgia, where the revered Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II has personally contributed to a turn-around in declining birth rates by his offer to bless the third child born to any family. Glory to God!

I have come to “love from a distance” this beautiful part of the world, in all the Russians, Georgians and Ukrainians I have met, all of the countries’ rich, tragic and inspirational histories which I have read, and my deep awe at the area’s continued religious revitalization, which stands in stark contrast to the rest of the European theatre.

Rebuilt in the 1990s following its demolition in 1931 on Stalin’s orders, Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, the country’s mother church, symbolizes the reemergence of Orthodoxy from the rubble of communism and its enduring place at the heart of post-Soviet Russia.


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