Compassionate thoughts from Archbishop Lazar

“No Exclusions”

In the above link, retired Canadian Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo), founding abbot of All Saints Monastery in British Columbia, shares his thoughts on marriage and divorce and questions the value and efficacy of socio-political campaigns undertaken by often polarizing Christian activists which distract from the broader Christian witness. He urges clergy to talk more about the suffering of children in war, an abomination which receives less coverage than the politically charged issue and tragedy of abortion. Regarding both those children aborted in the womb, and those who die of starvation: “We should worry about one as equally as the other.”

I really enjoy the video talks His Eminence gives. They cover a breadth of subjects, always in plain-spoken but compassionate language. Vladyka Lazar implores us to live lives of faith and compassion where we first and foremost recognize our own sins and shortcomings. In this way we can better avoid the hypocrisy of judging and condemning others. His words remind me of the daily Lenten prayer of St Ephrem:

“O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, despondency, lust for power and idle talk.
But grant unto me, Thy servant, a spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love.
Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see mine own faults and not to judge my brother. For blessed art Thou unto the ages. Amen.”


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