This is a wonderful piece about the uselessness of the saying which is common in society today that “Time heals all wounds.” This statement implies a rejection of the central role which the act of repentance must play in healing, and likewise a rejection of the need for forgiveness, on the part of those hurt, offended, or estranged.

“In the Church, we are given the blueprint for healing from all sickness, sorrow and death (some might call this process “salvation”). In many cases, our sorrow and (metaphorical) “death” is the result of a rift or schism with other people. In fact, the “gates of Hades” that Christ tells us will never be able to prevail over the Church is a reminder of this fact – the gates of death (Hades) are the gates of schism; of division and strife.”

“On an individual level, wounds and evil can separate us from one another and lead us to both bitterness and hardness of heart. The only cure for this condition of sickness is confession, repentance and communion. We must humble ourselves and esteem others as better than ourselves, and be reconciled in the only way that reconciliation can truly occur – through Christ and His Church.”


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