By Rev. Pr. Laurent Cleenewerck

Introduction: Fr. Brian Harrison is a professor of theology and Catholic priest in good standing who wrote the article “Why I Didn’t Convert to Eastern Orthodoxy” for This Rock magazine, now known as Catholic Answers Magazine, in October 2008. The original article is available online here. Here is Fr. Laurent Cleenewerck’s reply:

At the outset, Orthodox Christians should be respectful and grateful as this article is a chance to open an in-depth dialogue on some of the deeper issues that divide us. My comments are in bold; however, there are few “Proposals” that were also in bold in the original article. The reader should be able to recognize those easily.

I am probably a rather unusual convert to Catholicism, in that my spiritual journey to Rome involved both the other major world divisions of Christianity—Protestantism and Eastern Orthodoxy. As an undergraduate university student, guided…

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  1. As one who is a Roman Catholic, I am inclined to agree with all that Rev. Pr. Laurent has said, and yet I do not know if I can do this and be obedient to my own churches teaching. What this means, I do not know. I can only state that I wish with all my heart and soul that much of the wisdom currently possessed in the Orthodox Church could also take root in the Roman Catholic Church. For truely, in historical sense, the Roman Catholic Church has far more severed her roots to early christianity than your church, which is gravely disturbing.

    • Yes the Roman Catholic Church has the Pope of Rome, it has a primacy/infallibility, but what is this without the rest? Holy Tradition, beautiful liturgy , clearer cut sense of dogma, strong community and vocations in the life of the Church, The Eastern Orthodox have this in much more abundance…this is what RC needs to take account of. These are also things that the Latin mass communities and Anglican use personal Ordinariates have in greater abundance.

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