Russian Cherubic Hymn – Херувимская песнь

This other-worldly Cherubic Hymn is in the Old Bulgarian Chant style. Abbot Silvanus of Optina Hermitage arranged this composition in 1993. The Male Choir of Optina Monastery in St. Petersburg sings this transcendent, compellingly beautiful Cherubikon. CD “Russian church singing”

Херувимская песнь. Староболгарский распев. Изложение игумена Силуана (1993 г.)
Мужской хор Санкт-Петербургского Подворья монастыря Оптина Пустынь

Rightly, Cherubic Hymns are considered the most ethereal, mysterious liturgical music offerings in the Church – the choir’s attempt to imitate the host of angels singing before the heavenly throne of God.


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