Remembering God’s loving mercy

‘”Even if we have thousands of acts of great virtue to our credit, our confidence in being heard must be based on God’s mercy and his love for men. Even if we stand at the very summit of virtue, it is by mercy that we shall be saved.”

– St John Chrysostom, Patriarch of Constantinople (AD 347-407)

St John Chrysostom, Great Hierarch of the Church: John, originally from Antioch, received the epithet “golden-mouthed” for his renown as a preacher. He died c. 404-407 after serving as Patriarch and Archbishop of Constantinople, during which time he famously castigated the Empress Eudoxia for commissioning a large public statue of herself and her extravagant dress. St. John stressed the need for active Christian charity to the poor and eschewed hosting formal and lavish dinners at his patriarchal residence, making him beloved of the common people of Constantinople but despised by the ruling elite. He was one of the most renowned early Church Fathers for his writings on the Divine Liturgy, repentance, faith, fasting and ascetic discipline, and prayer.

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