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TollboothThis article first appeared in the Onion Dome on January 17, 2003

SAN FRANCISCO – In a move that has yet to be analyzed by anybody, the Archangel Gabriel announced today that tolls at the post-death tollbooths on the way to heaven will be increased soon.

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    • Hahaha sure thing! I shared it with fellow Orthodox college friends on Facebook and we’re immersed in a discussion on toll-houses.

      We are discussing: are toll-houses literal ‘booths in the air’ in the mindset of the late Fr. Seraphim Rose, or are they metaphorical representations of the temptations our souls will face from Satan and his demons as we depart this life (the view of most of us and Fr Thomas Hopko), or are they proto-pagan and Gnostic heresies, the view of retired Archbishop Lazar Puhalo?

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