A vow of conversation

I’m stealing this from John Sanidopoulos because something reminded me of this quote and I googled for it and found it on his blog and thought that those who don’t know it might appreciate it. It sort of reminds me, in a rather different way, of a quote from Saint Augustine that I posted recently: if we tell people that the things that they know are not true, we will just put them off and destroy our own credibility in the process. Of course learning to do this properly is by no means easy…

Elder Sophronius Sakharov relates the following story:

I remember a conversation [Staretz Silouan] had with a certain Archimandrite who was engaged in missionary work. This Archimandrite thought highly of the Staretz and many a time went to see him during his visits to the Holy Mountain. The Staretz asked him what sort of sermons he preached…

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