To receive true forgiveness, we must truly forgive others

“This is the rule we have: if you forgive others, it is a sign that the Lord has forgiven you. But if you refuse to forgive, then your own sins remain with you.”

-St Silouan of Mount Athos

“He who has not completely forgiven those who stumble, and has not brought his heart to God free from grievance and illuminated with the light of reconciliation with his neighbor, will fail to attain the grace of the blessings he has prayed for.

Indeed, he will justly be handed over to temptation and to evil, so that, having retracted his judgments of other people, he may learn to purify himself of his own sins.

Scripture here means by temptation the law of sin, of which the first man was free when he was created. And by ‘what is evil’ it means the devil, who has mixed this law of sin with human nature, deceitfully persuading man to transfer his soul’s desire from what is permitted to what is forbidden, and to turn aside to the transgression of the divine commandment.

The result of this is the loss of the incorruptibility which had been given by grace.”

-St Maximos the Confessor, d. 662

A former aid to Byzantine Emperor Heraclius who entered monastic life, St Maximos the Confessor, also known as Maximos the Theologian and Maximos of Constantinople, was a monk, master theologian, and prolific scholar who lived from 580-662.


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