It is good to see Ukrainian Church authorities disciplining two priests who were involved in an attack against Seventh Day Adventist (Protestant) proselytizers. I find it troubling that Adventists seek to evangelize a country which has historically been Christian for over a millennium, but nevertheless the Ukrainian Constitution does and ought to protect all people’s right to freely spread their faith.


Last June, two Orthodox priests in Ukraine were videoed in leading a riot against a group of Seventh-day Adventists operating a book table near Sevastopol, Ukraine — a video that quickly went viral — an attack I called “shameful.”

According to the Religion in Ukraine news service, the Crimean Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has disciplined these two priests and made them apologize for their actions. A rough translation of the news item (from Google):

In Simferopol and Crimean Diocese of the UOC taken against the two
priests Sevastopol Deanery whose actions sparked riots in the village
of Eagle, said, “Religion in Ukraine” with reference to Kafanews.

Recall alleged incident occurred on Sunday, June 24, in the village of
Eagle Balaklava near Sevastopol area. Clergymen held a procession to
the tent with the words “TV” Nadiya “. Christian Literature,” in which
representatives of the Seventh-day Adventist Church spread…

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  2. I’m a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) considering converting to Orthodoxy. SDA’s believe that Christians who don’t keep the seventh-day Sabbath and/or believe in the immortality of the soul are a part of “Babylon” as mentioned in Revelation and will receive the Mark of the Beast. Consequently, SDA evangelism has always been more focused on other Christians rather than on the unchurched.

    • Thank you for your comment Carolus. I was unaware that they concentrated their conversion efforts primarily on other Christians. While I am familiar with SDA theology and eschatology (also the doctrine of ‘soul sleep’ which I find very disturbing) I still do not believe their peaceful presence in Sebastopol warranted a procession of Orthodox believers led by a priest to act in the way they did. It was intimidation and showed a complete lack of respect for property rights and freedom of religious expression. Never mind that the SDA community is hardly a numerical ‘threat’ to the Orthodox in the Ukraine.

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