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Perhaps you had the opportunity to see Tina Kandelaki’s television feature on war hero Irena Sendler. For those who missed it, Irena was a Polish/German woman who at the start of the war knew the German’s plans for exterminating Jews in Poland and so she sought and received work in Warsaw, the city of her birth. The Germans invaded Poland in 1939 and she began rescuing Jews by creating false documents to help Jewish families escape the Ghetto.

Her job as a director of the Social Welfare Department meant that she had a special permit to enter the Ghetto to check for signs of typhus. She created a false bottom in her ambulance toolbox to carry small children out of the ghetto but had to rely on a burlap sack for older children. She went in and out of the ghetto each day accompanied by a dog trained to bark…

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  2. This is what I’ve put together and will post on the sites about Irena being German. Comments appreciated

    Irena Sendler (in Polish Irena Sendlerowa) was born to Dr. Stanislaw Krzyzanowski
    and Janina Grzybowska, both were Polish. Irena spent her childhood in Otwock, Poland as an only child.
    Irena Sendler’s first husband was Mieczyslaw Sendler (Senderow), with whom she had two sons and
    a daughter. One of the boys died in infancy, and her second son died int 1999. Her daughter survives her.

    Please correct the error about Irena being German, clearly that is not the case.

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