Community or Church?

Community or Church?

“Until recent times, Christians had become too used to power, taking it for granted that people will always come to church (did we really care if their heart was changed by it?). Now we grumble about secular society, while at the same time thinking that the only way to survive is to be as much like secular society as possible! Have we forgotten that the Church grew and flourished when it was a religio illicita? Have we forgotten the martyrs? Have we forgotten that our Church was founded upon blood?

As long as our focus is on “Community” and not the Eucharistic Community of Believers; as long as the Gospel and the Eucharist, which we were ordered to perform until Christ comes again, are not the focus of the Community’s life, the Church will not flourish. Better to change the lives of ten people than to draw thousands, only for them to go away unchanged. When will we become again the Church of the Gospel that converted an entire empire and changed the world forever?”


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