St Dimitri of Rostov on Prayer

St Dimitri of Rostov on Prayer

Our Father among the Saints Dimitri of Rostov (Димитрий Ростовский, also known as Dmitri, Dimitry or the Latinized ‘Demetrius’) was a great 17th century Orthodox hierarch, preacher, author and ascetic. He was born near Kiev in the year 1651, and reposed in the year 1709. Among his many luminous works of instruction, he was known especially for his translation and publication of The Lives of the Saints. He foresaw his own death three days in advance, and died while at prayer. Dimitri was a great light of the Russian Church and of Orthodoxy in general. The saint had heavenly visions during his life. He served the Lord zealously and took up his habitation in the Kingdom of Heaven. St. Dimitri also composed a service to the Nine Martyrs of Cyzicus, in which he wrote “through the intercession of these saints, abundant grace was given to dispel fevers and trembling sicknesses.” St. Dimitri’s life is celebrated on October 28, but on September 21 the Church commemorates the finding of his miracle-working relics in 1752.


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