Metropolitan Jonah to offer this year’s Bishop Basil Rodzianko Memorial Lenten Retreat


His Beatitude Metropolitan Jonah, former Archbishop of Washington and Primate of the Orthodox Church in America, will offer the annual Bishop Basil Rodzianko Memorial Lenten Retreat this coming Saturday, March 22 following memorial Matins and Liturgy at Washington, DC’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St John the Baptist. Matins will begin at 7:40am, with Liturgy following at approximately 9:00. A luncheon will follow the divine services, with two discussions led by His Beatitude afterward. The theme will be “Be transformed in the renewal of your mind” (the Greek word “nous” which is usually translated as “mind” has a far more complex meaning, which Met. Jonah will discuss). All are welcome to attend! The Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St John the Baptist (ROCOR) was established in 1949 with the blessing of our venerable Father among the Saints, St. John Maximovitch (1896-1966), Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco.

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