Link to my articles published on the IRD’s blog

Dear friends,

A number of you have recently sent me private messages requesting that I link directly to my articles over at the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD)’s blog, Juicy Ecumenism. I served as a Research Assistant and Staff Writer for the IRD from August-December 2013, and have since then continued to publish as a contributing writer. You may find all my articles published by the IRD here.

The IRD offers many interesting articles on a number of subjects. As an ecumenical, conservative Christian think tank whose readership is primarily comprised of Americans belonging to various Protestant denominations, the IRD takes a number of positions on certain political topics which are beyond my area of expertise or interest. I would thus respectfully urge you to read my articles published on Juicy Ecumenism in their appropriate context. Most of my articles are theological reflections, commentary on the latest in Orthodox, Catholic, and/or Anglican church affairs and headlines, or reflections on certain dates and seminal events in Christian history. I am, above all else, a historian interested in Church history, current international affairs, theology, and political theory. My interest in the “culture wars” is rather marginal, and I do not affiliate with any U.S. political organization.

Respectfully yours,

-Ryan Hunter


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