Excerpts from the Divine Liturgy (Church Slavonic)


The Divine Liturgy, (Greek: θεία λειτουργία, Russian: Божественная литургия) of St John Chrysostom (d. 407) is the second most practiced Liturgy in Christendom (next to the Roman rite Mass). This video is a tribute to the great Liturgy of the East, not a live presentation of it. This is the most frequently used Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Churches (Orthodox and Catholic) throughout the liturgical year. This video contains a number of images of the Liturgy in practice across a wide array of churches and rites.

The musical selections, from the CD “Sacred Treasures” are (in order) the Great Ektenia, Cherubic Hymn, Amen and With Thy Spirit, and the Lord’s Prayer (Otche Nash).

May the Lord bless you! Thanks to the YouTube user “catholicpeter” for uploading this video.