The soul that loves God has its rest in God alone


The soul that loves God has its rest in God alone

St Issac the Syrian (also known as Isaac of Nineveh) was a seventh century monk and mystic. Like many pre-Schism saints, he is also revered by the Roman and Eastern-rite Catholic Churches. He was born on the Arabian Peninsula, near present-day Qatar.

A strict ascetic, the saint entered monastic life at a young age along with his brother, and studied the Scriptures in isolation for many years. Eventually elevated as bishop of the ancient Assyrian capital of Nineveh, he abdicated this role after five months to return to the desert. He reposed around the year 700.

Holy Father Isaac, pray to God for us!

Discerning “the hidden ways of God”: His open invitation to repentance


“It is always possible to make a new start by means of repentance. ‘You fell’, it is written, ‘now arise’ (c.f. Proverbs 24:16). And if you fall again, then rise again, without despairing at all of your salvation, no matter what happens. So long as you do not surrender yourself willingly to the enemy, your patient endurance, combined with self-reproach, will suffice for your salvation.

‘For at one time we ourselves went astray in our folly and disobedience’, says St. Paul. ‘. . . Yet He saved us, not because of any good things we had done, but in His mercy.’ (Titus 3:3,5).

So do not despair in any way, ignoring God’s help, for He can do whatever He wishes. On the contrary, place your hope in Him and He will do one of these things, either through trials and temptations, or in some other way which He alone knows. He will bring about your restoration; or He will accept your patient endurance and humility in the place of works; or because of your hope He will act lovingly towards you in some other way of which you are not aware, and so He will save your shackled soul.

Only do not abandon your Physician, for otherwise you will suffer senselessly the twofold death because you do not know the hidden ways of God.”
-St Peter of Damascus