How to cross the road in Russia


Late to work or wanting to take a shorter route home? This pious man crosses himself before embarking on a spontaneous street-crossing of dubious safety – the street appears to be a busy thoroughfare.

A lovely Russian woman I know recalled a proverb about pedestrians who cross the street in the wrong places. She wrote that there are generally three types:

1. ZOMBIE- once they start crossing, they just keep going no matter what… it is dangerous but manageable, if the driver has a clear mind..
2.KAMIKAZE – the ones that see your car coming but keep running anyway… these are manageable as well…
3.INDECISIVE – they start crossing, and when they see your car coming they stop right in the middle or start flouncing about, and you have NO idea which way they will go… this is the most dangerous type… it’s good if you have time for a full stop without someone tail-gating you…

She felt like “being philosophical”, and mused about the proverb that she didn’t “know if it’s about where you cross, or it’s about you knowing what you want and knowing what you will do… and it is definitely a different situation when you are a pedestrian and the driver is not fully conscious… then I guess running and praying is the best option!”

What do you think? Is this man a ‘zombie’ or more of a kamikaze?

I think this babushka is definitely a kamikaze! She doesn’t run, but she has such iron determination!