On the human heart

“Our hearts are restless, O Lord, until they find their rest in Thee. . . “ — Blessed St Augustine of Hippo (d. 430)

‎”The Lord is not tired of hearing us complain all the time. 
He is tired of our sins, not our turning to Him for help. 
He wants us to call upon Him all the time and to pour out our hearts to him.” 
—Venerable Thaddeus of Vitovinica, Serbian Orthodox elder

The human heart is a mysterious vessel, its true contents often fully known only to the God who created it. Rare is the person to whom we can unburden it and be exactly as we are. This person, if we are so fortunate as to find them, or for them to find us, is a lifeline in all ways, an extension of our heart outside our body. Within all hearts are many memories, inscribed there often without the person realizing it, and many quiet hopes and dreams enter existence there. In the strongest hearts there are memories of tragedies faced, of sorrows endured and above all, of love deeply felt. Next to love, laughter is the heart’s strongest medicine, pumping new life into the person. The twin of every person’s heart is their soul, and one cannot truly live without the other. Thus a person’s soulmate is intimately, invisibly connected, even in ways they do not understand, to the other’s heart and soul.