St Nicholas Cathedral celebrates 75 years

In 2005, parishioner Peter Vlasov uploaded this video vignette onto Vimeo which commemorates the 75th year since my home Cathedral was founded in 1930. His caption reads:

“This video segment was created in 2005. Our parish celebrated 75 years and we decided to try to take you back to the history of the Cathedral by sharing some memories and personal faith stories of parishioners, family, and friends – all great enthusiasts who built the church. You will be able to see and get some sense of the Divine Liturgy as a cornerstone to Christianity. You will see our Sunday school teachers and students as well as many helpers who continue serving our Lord and large community of the ‘Saint Nicholas family and friends’.”

St Nicholas Cathedral is now in its 82nd year! Glory to God!

I miss my parish and am very much looking forward to the opportunity to once again attend Liturgy and vigils there over the summer when I return to the United States!

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