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Dear friends,

Here you may find and, if you wish, subscribe to my new public Facebook page! A number of you have suggested that it would be a good idea to set up a single place or forum where those interested could easily access all my published works. Currently I have over 60 articles published across a lengthy spectrum of academic subjects — from historical essays on English and Scottish monarchs to Orthodox Church history, culture, and politics. I have linked in the “About” section to the main websites where you may find most of my published writings. Here they are again:

My conversion narrative (the first part was written in June 2011, the rest between December 2011 and May 2012) describing my process of converting from Roman Catholicism to the Eastern Orthodox Church is in the process of being edited for publication as a print book, “Why Orthodoxy?” by Pokrov Publications.

My articles for The Crown Chronicles, one of Britain’s leading monarchist and royal news organizations:

My articles for (English site), a popular Orthodox web site published through the historic and prominent Moscow Stretensky Monastery:

My articles for the Institute on Religion and Democracy, a conservative multi-denominational (ecumenical) think tank in Washington DC:

My personal blog “Orthodox in the District”, which as of now has had over 134,000 readers from almost every country:

My professional Linkedin profile:

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