Great and Holy Friday Matins

Great and Holy Friday

“Today He who hung the earth upon the waters is hung on the tree,
The King of the angels is decked with a crown of thorns.
He who wraps the heavens in clouds is wrapped in the purple of mockery.
He who freed Adam in the Jordan is slapped on the face.
The Bridegroom of the Church is affixed to the Cross with nails.
The Son of the virgin is pierced by a spear.
We worship Thy passion, O Christ.
We worship Thy passion, O Christ.
We worship Thy passion, O Christ.
Show us also Thy glorious resurrection.”

-15th Antiphon from Great and Holy Friday Matins

This hymn is chanted after the reading of the fifth Passion Gospel during the reading of the Twelve Gospels of the Lord’s Passion. Since our Lord’s Passion, death and resurrection turned time upside down and shook the very cosmos during Holy Week leading up to His glorious Resurrection, the Matins (morning service) for Great and Holy Friday, the day the Church recalls the Lord’s death by crucifixion, is offered on the night of Holy Thursday.

You may here the above hymn beautifully chanted at the following links:
1) Chanted here by Fr. Apostolos Hill (taken from his CD “The Gates of Repentance”).
2) Chanted here by the late Archbishop +Job of the OCA Diocese of the Midwest (+2009).
3) Traditional Byzantine tone, chanted here by Vassilis Hadjinicolaou.

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